Celebrating the success of enterprise and conservational projects


2 December

On the 4th of November, The West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce marked its centenary year by planting a time capsule and tree
at Menai Science Park in Anglesey.

This highlights the Chamber’s relationship with Menter Môn and M-Sparc. A strong relationship with the Chamber running the North Wales Start-Up Club on a monthly basis from the Enterprise Hub.

The Club acts as a support group for member and non-member businesses, based in North Wales, that are within their first two-years of operation, or for people looking to start a business.

Bethan Fraser-Williams, Projects Director at Menter Môn said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as a location for the Chamber’s tree planting and time capsule!

It not only supports our efforts to help the environment but also represents the support we offer businesses in North Wales to grow and thrive. We are very much looking forward to seeing both the tree and local business grow over the years!”.

The event was also a great way to commemorate Menter Mon’s long track record of environmental and conservation work on the island.

Supplied by Cae Mabon Natural Building project’s small tree nursery, it was a hazel tree that was planted to celebrate the connection between community, local provenance, native trees and biodiversity.

Luke Tyle, Agri-tech Manager at Menter Môn said: “Hazel trees produce hazelnuts, which are among the favourite food of Anglesey’s famous red squirrel population, which has been saved from disappearing through dedicated conservation work supported by Menter Môn and its partner organisations.

Non-native grey squirrels carry a virus that can be fatal to reds, and grey squirrels have several very destructive behaviours in UK woodlands. This means that our rapidly diminishing native and ancient forests have lost the capacity to regenerate. Anglesey is one of the only bastions of the UK red squirrel population south of Scotland and much of this is down to Menter Môn’s conservational work.”

The partnership between the Enterprise Hub and conservational projects will hopefully lead on to new start-up businesses being more aware of their carbon offsetting as they grow.

Debbie Bryce, Chief Executive Officer at WCNW Chamber of Commerce, added “Thank you so much to Menter Môn and M-Sparc for being the site in North Wales for our centenary tree and time capsule! We are hopeful that in years to come future members of the Chamber can gather in this same spot to uncover a glimpse into the past.”

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