Hub Member: Dafydd Weightman

20 October

Dafydd Weightman graduated from Bangor University during the pandemic! Dafydd worked as an intern at Menai Science Park where he gained experience in marketing, photography, and filmography, and was ultimately encouraged to start his own business – Mona Digital. He provides services from videography, to website design, and even works as a freelance drone gimbal operator!

Dafydd, it’s great to see a young person set out on their entrepreneurial journey, tell us a bit about how you got started?

I received a lot of help initially from M-SParc, where I’d just completed an internship. Pryderi, the MD, found I was interested in starting my own business and really encouraged it. He told me about the Enterprise Hub, and here I am!

Your business is still in the early stages, but have there been any standout moments for you so far?

The best one was just taking the leap to starting my business, and having it work out! I’ve secured freelance work and some customers already, which has really given me confidence. I am still learning, and I think if I started from scratch now I’d spend a little more time researching the different fields I could go into. There’s still time to develop this, though, as I’m focusing for a while on my work as a drone operator while I develop the other sides of the business.

That sounds great, and we’re here to help! Is there any support you’ve received so far you’d recommend to others?

Definitely, the business advice I received helped me start my company! The support I’ve received from the enterprise hub, including the events, has given me confidence and information that has helped the business take off! Being part of the community at the Enterprise Hub has been really beneficial too as I’ve received work from other Hub members.

You’re off to a flying start, and we look forwards to working with you on developing the new business!

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