Celebrating Women in Science & Technology – March 2022

23 February

MIT ILP Wales Presents

The Welsh Government announce a series of lunchtime on-line webinars delivered by influential leaders at MIT faculty to celebrate the role of women in STEM.

Join our lunch and learn sessions in March to meet and learn from a group of women operating in STEM areas tackling global issues, changing the way the world works and how society lives alongside it.

Only 20% of women science graduates in Wales pursued careers in STEM subject areas compared to 44% of men. How do we increase diversity in STEM and open up career paths to help tackle our global challenges?

Around 10% of the UK’s Co2 emissions are directly associated with construction activities. How do we play our part to tackle the global climate crisis and decarbonise this sector in order to meet net zero targets?

Biomedical engineering is a game changer for cardiac patients. How can we utilise the intersection of mechanical and biological therapy to best practise?

All sessions will run online, live, between 14:00-15:00 GMT.
Full details on the schedule of events, speakers and how to register are outlined below:

9th March 2022 - Decarbonising the Construction Industry - Caitlin Mueller

16th March 2022 - Empowering Women in Stem and Advocating for Diversity - Ritu Raman
Or join us live at M-SParc

31st March 2022 - Research in the Therapeutic Technology Design and Development Lab - Ellen Roche

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