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8 March

Started by Kerry Jones in North Wales, the Sunset Plan aims to encourage and empower people to plan and prepare for their practical end of life affairs. Following support from Business Wales and the Enterprise Hub @ M-SParc to secure cashflow and start the business, Kerry is now launching a new stage of the business.

Sunset plan was established in North Wales, in order to empower people to plan and prepare for end-of-life affairs. Sunset plan is a website which covers the UK and offers articles to help people plan head in terms of ‘life admin’, so their family and friends aren’t left struggling when the time comes. The service is expanding to offer a ‘digital vault’ service in March 2021, to allow people to organise, store and share their key information and future wishes to help their loved ones.

The business started due to personal circumstances and a stressful experience for Kerry following the loss of a loved one. Kerry was keen to come up with a solution to the added heartache which can be created at the end of life. Attending a ‘Taking the Plunge’ course, run in collaboration with Business Wales and the Enterprise Hub, Kerry was encouraged to set up the website and begin the business.

“The support I received was so helpful, and ranged from advice on cash flow, marketing and GDPR to copyright. I also had 1-2-1 business support from the Hub in the months following, as well as additional networking opportunities, and access to other established businesses that could offer advice. I continue to get support from the start-up community across North Wales, which is invaluable.”

The business launched during Covid times, which wasn’t intentional and could have been mis-timed, however Kerry found that people were thinking of their own life and legacy planning more than ever, and so the interest in her business grew from across the world!

“The goal was always to offer a secure digital vault service for customers to create their end of life plans online. Creating a co-branded platform, due to launch on 23rd March 2021 sees the realisation of that goal. Seeing the demo of the product and realising this is what I had envisaged from day 1 come to life was a really proud moment. At times it seemed so distant and unachievable that it would have been easier to give up. However, I am so proud that the commitment and hard work put into this business, may be just about to be rewarded by reaching that goal.”

Bethan Fraser-Williams, Kerry’s Business Adviser at the Hub, said “Kerry has built up a great business in such a short amount of time. She was very focused during our discussions and the fact that she had a strong vision made it easy for us to support her in the most effective way.”

The Enterprise Hub is part Funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

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